Friday, July 31, 2009

Ramly Burger to the rescue!

"(A)bang! Burger Daging Special Satu!"

Yes that's me shouting at the Ramly burger stall owner....I want my burger 'special' which means it comes with the egg wrapped around the patty. Yum.

Somedays, I just make these burgers at home using frozen Ramly burger patties. Yes am too lazy to make my own patties...for now. So for a quick meal and whenever we don't feel like eating local food....Ramly to the rescue.

What you need:
Ramly burger patties - no need to thaw just fry straight from freezer
Burger Buns
Chilli Sauce + Mustard

What to do:

Fry the frozen patties in a non-stick pan with a little bit of oil

Fry bull's eye - my other half likes the yolk runny but I fry mine thoroughly

Wash lettuce leaves

Toast burger buns

Assemble all together. Slap on sauce of choice ( in our case it's Chilli garlic sauce and some mustard). Done.

You can of course add tomatoes and onions and whatever else you prefer. But we like it like this.

It's a quick alternative to local food for dinner and pretty fast to perpare too.


Vivien Macdonald said...

Yum! Yum! Why lah you making me so hungry. Looks the site idea. Keep it going!

jerad said...

The secret is in the runny egg...!!!

The Sudden Cook said...

Thanks Viv! Really appreciate your kind words...

Shamin said...

What a great idea..quick meals for pp on the go !! love it !! burger looks lovely and soo yum yum !! i like mine with relish, cheese and gherkins !

The Sudden Cook said...

Heard of gherkins but don't think I ever tried em...

Shyam said...

how come we're not invited over more often since you can cook all these yummy things?

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