Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Vermicelli Aglio Olio

This is a a simple recipe. It's easy to prepare and I love it.
Serves: 2

What you need:
Vermicelli - cook pasta till soft - for 2 persons I usually cook half a packet
Sliced turkey ham
Sliced button mushrooms
Chopped garlic - 5 cloves
Maggi Chicken Concentrate
Olive Oil

Black Pepper
Chili Flakes

What to do:
I heat up like 3 tablespoons of Olive Oil and add the chopped garlic and fry for 30 sec. I add in the turkey ham and button mushrooms and quickly stir for another 30 sec. I add in the cooked pasta and 3 tablespoons of chicken concentrate. Toss the pasta and be sure to coat the pasta in the concentrate. I quickly sprinkle some black pepper and chili flakes and toss again. Serve hot.

Useless facts:
1) You can add any type of cold cuts you like (ex: salami, pork ham, french ham)
2) Button mushrooms - I usually buy the canned type already sliced. Lazy.like.dat. For 2 persons I only use half of can amount and keep the rest for something else.
3) Chili flakes will give it an extra kick. I collect the chili flakes packets from Domino's and empty into my own spice bottle. Stingy.like.dat.

Helpful Hints
1) Pasta must be slightly wet from the olive oil.
2) The chicken concentrate is what will flavour the dish. This is not authentic Olio be warned. This is the tasty version.
3) You can use spaghetti, instead of vermicelli

...but I like the thinner version. Yum:)

I got this from: http://kuali.com/


Shamin said...

Hemala,how much concentrate do i use? its looks soo good !

The Sudden Cook said...

Shamnin Lee
Like mentioned in the post bout 3 tablespoons but be sure to taste just before serving to see if enough or not.....Thanks for reading!!

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