Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Simple Sardine Sandwiches

Growing up whenever my mum announced that we were having 'sardine curry' for dinner (with white rice and vege) I would groan like a spoilt little girl. Wat? Where's the wicked chicken curry you can make? I would whine....And then my dad would come and say 'Eat what's on the table'. End of story as I knew it.
Funnily enough I have grown to like sardines. I don't find the fishy smell as offensive as I used to maybe? I dunno but I kinda don't mind it now. So for a fast/easy/simple/I left work late but don't wanna eat out need to feed husband and myself/ kinda meal - I made sardine sandwiches.
For two person - you should buy the 230g tin as the portion is just right. Drain all the sauce and flake the sardine not too finely - leave some chunks in there. I cut half an onion very finely and threw it in. Sprinkled some lime juice, dash of pepper and salt. Since I didn't have a red chilli lying around, I added some chilli flakes I had.
Butter both sides of bread, spread sardine filling on one side and toast the bread. Eat right after. Simple and easy.

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