Friday, October 2, 2009

The Sudden Cook is Retiring....

What? After just a couple of months! No freaking way! Ok I'm not. I admit, the title was a shameless ploy to get my one reader to continue reading this post. But seriously, The Sudden Cook fell suddenly sick early this week hit by a brutal stomach bug which went on to create havoc on her nice svelte body (ok ok)- whatever. I will spare you the details as this is suppose to be a food blog. So the point is, I decided to take a short break from cooking at home till I make a full recovery. For the first time in days I feel 100% myself and therefore will be back in the kitchen pretty soon hopefully. Yay. So since there are no new recipes to post I thought I would update random stuff about this week. 1) Hmm....let's see. Fell sick. Threw up. Toilet. Doctor. Med. Threw up medicine. Toilet. Ate. Toilet. Slept. 2) See Item 1. 3) See Doc again. Plead for more meds. Feel better. 4) Back to work. 5) Weekend is here. Wow! What a week. Have a great weekend folks.

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wanda said...

Gosh. Hope you're all better now. Keep up with the excellent posts!

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