Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Learn How to Decorate Cupcakes

Meet the 5 cupcakes which truly made my weekend. When I first met them, they were plain ol' simple vanilla cupcakes. But after two hours, they were rockin' out colours, rosettes, leaves, sprinkles, sugar crystals and swirls. Each cupcake has a story to tell.

Meet Rosettes. Yes, small little pink roses are what they are supposed to be. Nicely accompanied by green leaves. Laid nicely over brown buttercream icing. Piping rosettes takes practice but they are not too hard. Piping leaves are kinda interesting especially after you see them take shape. Dusted with a bit of sugar crystals to give them some sparkle.

Meet J for...Yes this is a special initial to me cause it stands for 'Jackpot' which I hope to win someday. You mean you thought it was my husband's initial? Yes I guess that too. I was very inspired by this one. I didn't know how it would turn out. Bear in mind, I have never done piping before..ever! I like the colour combo here. I'm feeling' it.

Meet the Fluke. Yes...this was definitely a fluke. It was my last cupcake to decorate and I had no idea what to do. So I thought just wing it. I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome. Once again, I think the colours are a nice combo.

Meet the Accident. Yes...in hindsight, I should have piped another colour in the inner pink circle. But somehow, due to bad judgement (maybe I was overexcited and thought I was getting somewhere but soon realised I was never getting anywhere!) I decided to reach for some green sprinkles and let it fall onto the orange icing. Why? Like I said, bad judgement. Good effort nonetheless.

Meet the Sundae Cone Wannabe. A pink very girly girl swirl with pink sprinkles. You can NEVER go wrong with this. It was just soooo pretty to look at. One of the better ones.

There was one more, but before I could take a picture of it, it was too hard to resist. Learn how to decorate cupcakes at this awesome Cupcake 101 (for beginners) class held at Cake Connection. Thanks Nancy (tutor) for such wonderful guidance. It was so fun.
Cake Connection is co-owned by my sis!


noobcook said...

They are so nicely decorated! Prooooo! hehe

Nance said...

Wow.... you mean you did all these??? Spectacular.... :)

The Sudden Cook said...

Haha...thanks guys! It is fun to play around with the colours and sprinkles.

Simonne said...

Cake Connection co own by ur sis?
Is she the one create Jo Deli Forum?
Lucky you can get all the secret!

The Sudden Cook said...

Yup co-owned by her. Jo Deli Forum - not her. Yes I learn many tips/secrets from her! ALOT!

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