Saturday, February 27, 2010

Roast Chicken with Crispy Bacon

So if you've been following me on Twitter, you would know that I was going to roast a chicken this weekend for the first time. Glad to report it is as easy as many food bloggers had made it out to be. My other half polished off at least half of the medium-sized bird. That was some mad roasting I tell ya!

After hearing great feedback about Jamie Oliver's roast chicken recipe, I decided to give it a try. Before I proceed with this recipe, I must tell you that adding the bacon to the roast, is a MUST. It really took the whole roast chicken to another level.  Loved, loved, loved it.

Serves 4
What you need:
2kg whole chicken - get the neck and feet removed and cavity emptied
salt and black pepper
1 large lemon
1 whole bulb of garlic, broken into cloves
Handful fresh thyme
Olive oil
8 rashers streaky bacon

1) Rub the chicken inside and out with a generous amount of salt and black pepper. Do this in the morning if possible, then cover the chicken and leave in the fridge until ready to start cooking it for lunch or dinner.

 Tip: Tuck the chicken wing tips behind the chicken before roasting

2) Pre-heat your oven to 190C. Bring a large pan of salted water to a boil (to par-boil potatoes if roasting them with chicken). Cut the potatoes and put them in the water with the whole lemon and the garlic cloves. Cook for 12 minutes. Drain. While the lemon is still hot, stab it about 10 times all around with a sharp knife. Be careful.

3) Take the chicken out from the fridge, pat it with kitchen paper and rub it all over with olive oil. Push the garlic cloves, whole lemon and thyme into the cavity. Put the chicken into a roasting tray and cook for 45 minutes in the oven.

4) Remove tray from oven. Lay the bacon rashers over the chicken breast and cook for further 45 minutes or until chicken is done. Remove from oven, place a sheet of foil on chicken and let stand for 10 minutes.

5) Remove the lemon, garlic and thyme from the cavity. Remove the bacon from atop the chicken and crumble it over the potatoes.

Jamie's tip: Squeeze all the garlic flesh out of the skin, mush it up and smear it all over the chicken. This recipe was adopted from Jamie Oliver's cookbook entitled jamie's dinners - the essential family cookbook.

The chicken was really moist on the inside. Good stuff. Easy to make (especially for first timers) and very tasty.


noobcook said...

Congratulations - your first roast chicken looks super yummy!! I love the bacon over the chicken skin, it must be sooooo good :D

The Sudden Cook said...

Thanks! The bacon was super crisp - the kind that would go great in burgers!

tigerfish said...

Looks very delicious and with the potatoes - it makes a complete meal :)

The Sudden Cook said...

Thanks! Love them potatoes. Carbs ...what carbs??

Anonymous said...

Look at that! So Mouthwatering!

The Sudden Cook said...

Thank you. So tempted to roast another soon but contemplating a different recipe.

Anonymous said...

have you ever tried to roast a leg of lamb? delicious! JO has a good recipe :)

The Sudden Cook said...

I have yet to try but hope to this year! Really? A good recipe? Care to share???:)

Simonne said...

Hey this sound simply to try
I wanna make this... yeah will bookmark it!

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