Wednesday, May 5, 2010

How to make hard-boiled eggs

The Sudden Cook's way to make perfect hard-boiled eggs are super easy. I would love to know the different methods used by different people. I stuck to this method cause it worked all the time!
1) Remove eggs from fridge at least 10 minutes before.
2) Place in saucepan and fill with cold water. Be sure the water covers the eggs surface
3) Place saucepan over heat (don't cover) and bring it to a boil

4) Once it starts to boil, place the cover over saucepan, turn off heat and leave for 15minutes.
5) About 8 mins in between, remove cover and use a chopstick/spoon to move eggs around. Replace cover and leave for rest of required time.
6) Remove eggs, run over cold water to cool and proceed to peel.

Mashing them eggs makes great egg sandwiches or these egg and bacon puffs

On a totally unrelated note, this blog is sporting a spanking (new) banner created by my very talented blogger friend Red Ruby On Fire. I went to high school with RROF and can attest to the fact that this girl is super creative! Thanks GS! The spoons are a welcome change to the otherwise dreary look the blog was made of in the past. One batch of brownies coming your way when you're down next. Make sure you give me a holler!


RedRubyonFire said...

You are most welcomed! Hey, can get some good Indian curry recipe off you? I want to try curry crab like the banana leaf restaurant kind...

noobcook said...

This is how I made my hard boiled eggs too, but I leave it for only 10 minutes and it's cooked. Love the new banner, it looks professional :)

tigerfish said...

Though I cool the eggs in water after I boil them, sometimes the peeling is still kinda hard - with the shells still stuck tight to the egg and egg membrane :O

The Sudden Cook said...

RROF: If I knew how to make crab curry like the banana leaf restaurant kind, you would have seen the recipe here by now - lol! But I am still learning and will def post more Indian food recipes.

Noobcook: Yes the banner does look professionally done! 10 mins huh? Ok thanks for the tip. I am always so afraid of peeling them to early only to discover their not 'hard' enough yet!

Tigerfish: That's what I love about this method - no sticking at all. In face the peeling process is v easy. Maybe you need to remove them from the fridge much earlier?

msmeanie said...

Great tips! Getting perfect hard-boiled eggs can be tough. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your very nice comments. I have been exploring your blog and it is really lovely and has some wonderful recipes.

WyYv said...

I like the way you teach. I'm sure I can learn how to be a good cook soon by reading your blog~ Keep up the good post, I'll be your blog reader and wait for your new posts :)

Food For Tots said...

Usually I will boil eggs using my AMC pot. But your method sounds so simple and easy that I must give it a try soon. Love your new blog header! It looks very professional and stylish!

Anonymous said...

I use a very similar method but I also add a pinch of salt to the water :) I don't know way ... perhaps I learned that from my mum when I was a child :)

The Sudden Cook said...

msmeanie: Thanks likewise!
WyYv: Thanks same with u. I like the places u go to makan. Keep updating your blog:)
Food For Tots: Thanks! I think my sis would be very interested in your blog. She has two tots.
frockandfork: My stylish blogger friend...thanks for dropping by. It's interesting to note the various methods used by all.

Juliana said...

Thanks for the tip, I always boiled the will use this method :-)

The Sudden Cook said...

Great Juliana. I find this method really workable.

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