Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Claypot Fish Curry

So I've never used a claypot to cook anything before. Not even The Sudden Cook's version of Claypot Chicken Rice. So when my aunt gave me one some time ago she specifically mentioned that I should make use of it if I was going to make fish curry.

Exactly what I did last night. It was a little fun using the claypot. There are a couple of perks. Found it easier to manage on the stove and clean up after, compared to a huge wok. Once you remove the lid after allowing the contents to boil, there is no water residue which collects on the top. I found this particularly interesting.

Onto the recipe. I have made fish curry before. It was a recipe which called for coconut milk and many many ingredients. I remember it took me half a day to make it! Hence I was on the lookout for an easier recipe to try which preferably didn't use coconut milk...and I found one.

It's actually a recipe I got from the back of the fish curry powder packet I purchased. Gotta love those recipes which come on the back of food packaging.

What you need:
125g fish curry powder
2 kg fish
15 shallots (chopped)
10 garlic (chopped)
250ml cooking oil
500ml water
10 curry leaves (remove from stalk - just the leaves)
20ml tamarind juice
2 tomatoes
5 lady fingers
Salt for seasoning

What to do:

1) Heat up oil and saute minced garlic and shallots.

2) Add in fish curry powder with some water and stir-fry then add in 500ml water stir well for a while.

3) Add in fish, curry leaves, tamarind juice, tomato, salt and lady fingers. Stir well.

4) Cover and allow to boil for about 5-10minutes.

Note: You can halve the recipe depending on how much of fish you intend to cook. I used 4 thick Tenggiri slices like the ones I used for this.

Don't add too much water so that the curry has a nice consistency.
Always taste the curry to make sure you've added enough salt.
It is important that the curry comes to a boil.

I loved the fish. The flesh was so white and firm and very tasty. As for the curry, in hindsight I would have added less water than I did. Other than that, it was good.


WyYv said...

I like the curry without coconut milk too as it is healthier to be consume according to my parents :) haha.. Some of the powder packets are now come with a recipe, pretty like the way how the design it :D

The Sudden Cook said...

Yeah but the curry is much tastier with coconut milk. So nice to eat with steaming hot rice.

Linda said...

Wow! This is the easiest curry recipe I have ever seen. Thanks for posting it!

The Sudden Cook said...

Hi Linda! Thanks for dropping by! You wrote a cookbook?? WOW!

Ann J. said...

Very nice claypot this! I've been making fish curry for ages, and never thought of getting a claypot for it. Mum used to use one in the 70s. Don't know where it's gone.

The Sudden Cook said...

Hello Hello Ann J or Ms Fabulous Sugar - pls have us over for the next fish curry making process - I can lend you the claypot beforehand. LOL!

carol said...

Hi can u tell me whether u 'seasoned' ur claypot before first use ? If so how ? Thanks

The Sudden Cook said...

Hi carol
I did not season the claypot first. However maybe this link might help:

Thanks for dropping by!

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