Monday, August 30, 2010

Special Post: Bazaar Ramadhan

So if you don't already know the Muslim world is observing fasting (puasa) month as a prelude to the Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebrations. It is truly an awesome time to be in Malaysia. During this time, there are many Bazaar Ramadhan's that line the streets selling fantastic tasting delicacies. 

The bazaar's usually start setting up and selling by 4pm. There are many places within the Klang Valley and around the country where you can find these bazaars. The photos on this post were taken when my colleagues when to visit the one in Section 14, Petaling Jaya. Thanks Ben and Nazar!

1) Ayam Percik: Ok I will start with my favourite. RM5 for a drumstick. It's technically spicy barbecued chicken. But this one came with a sweet and peppery sauce which really enhanced the flavours of the chicken meat.

2) Otak-otak: Literally translates to 'brains' but so it is not. Once you remove the toothpicks and unwrap the banana leaves you are left with a strip of spicy fish meat. The texture is pretty custard like. A favourite of my other half.

3) Kuih Dadar Ketayap: If I recall this is my sister's favourite kuih. I never had a liking for this particular kuih - probably due to the sweet coconut filling. However it is a favourite of many. The outer layer consist of pandan flavoured crepe (pancake skin) with the coconut filling and melted brown sugar.

4) Karipap: Ok one of of my all time favourite kuih. Karipap or curry puffs are a staple here at any kuih stall. We have it for breakfast, for tea or just cause we feel like it. The fillings consists of the usual suspects such as potatoes and small chunks of chicken.


5) Popiah Basah: Aaaaah these moist spring rolls are da bomb! I truly prefer them to the fried spring rolls. The stuffing consists of cucumber slices, bean sprouts and some other stuff. I like the ones with some chilli like sauce mixed in with the stuffing as well.

6) Lemang: Sticky rice cooked in a hollowed bamboo stick lined with banana leaves. Best eaten with beef rendang ( a meat dish). I loved the lemang from this stall - it was moist and not too sticky. And it went great with the beef rendang 

7) Murtabak: Sort of a roti canai stuffed with meat, chopped onions and egg. The ones sold at the bazaar are really cute in size. If you're averse to onions, I would not recommend the murtabak as I found that the murtabak I had from the bazaar had more onions than meat.

More kuih shots:

Kuih Sago
                                                   Kuih Tepung Pelita

                                                     Kuih Kacang

                                                        Kuih Cara

                                                  Not-so-sure-of-the-name Kuih

                                               Kuih Cara Berlauk

                                          Skewered meat bites

                                           Roasted Chicken Wings

And so much more!!! It's amazing the selection they have at these bazaars. Truly fascinating. And the most brilliant part is that you can find people of ALL races at these bazaars looking for their favourite bites.

Like I said - it's a great time to be in Malaysia.

What are your favourites?


WyYv said...

we love otak-otak too =] nice pictures~

Cooking Gallery said...

The array of foods looks lovely! I love kue dadar!

wxin said...

YUMMY! the food looks delicious. didn't know that otak means brains!

tigerfish said...

I am very hungry right now :(

The Sudden Cook said...

Hi all - thanks for stopping by

WyYv: Thanks! The pix were courtesy of my colleagues.
Cooking Gallery: Another kuih dadar fan!
wxin: Yes 'otak' means brains in Malay...
Tigerfish: Am sending you some imaginary ayam percik right now;)

Kirsten said...

So much food! I am partial to chicken myself so the first and last pictures are making me crave some grilled chicken, and the karipap sounds like a wonderful snack. Love all the pictures, it is always neat to see food I would have never otherwise known about.

The Sudden Cook said...

Kirsten - The assortment of food in Malaysia is crazy. Karipap is indeed a great great snack.

Vivien Macdonald said...

All this kuih kuih making me hungry lah. I thought I would just take a minute to visit your site and now i'm going to bed HUNGRY!!!!!

The Sudden Cook said...

HAhaha - I have this habit at glancing at food blogs right before lunch - then I end up doubly hungry - wth???

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