Monday, September 6, 2010

Thin Crust Beef Pepperoni Pizza using Pita Bread

So I'm a thin crust kinda girl. There is something about the crispiness of the thin crust which I absolutely love. I also find that with the thin crust, I am able to enjoy the pizza toppings better as my mouth is not full with thick pizza crust. So when my sister gave me this terrific tip on how to make thin crust pizzas I just had to try it. 

I started my pizza making adventure here. I thought it was easy and fast to make. After trying the frozen pizza base with the bad English on the packaging, I wanted to try making pizza using pita bread. Actually pita bread pizza is fairly popular and my sis-in-law makes great pizza using pita bread.

So back to the thin crust. I sliced the pita bread horizontally. 
I then spread the base with tomato paste and added beef pepperoni.
Lastly added the grated mozzarella cheese on top. 
Baked it in a pre-heated oven at 200C for ten minutes.
A good tip I learnt while researching different pizza making techniques was that you should start sprinkling the toppings and cheese from the outside in. This way it's easier not to miss the sides.

We preferred the thin crust to the frozen base pizza base. It was so crisp. Loved it. I am definitely a thin crust kinda girl.


busygran said...

Yeh! I love thin crust pizza. Crispy and yummy! Thanks for tip to start the cheese from the side.

tigerfish said...

I have been using pita bread to make pizza too :)

Ms Me said...

Instead of meeting for dinner....can you cook for me? This sounds FABULOUS!

WyYv said...

That pizza is looking good, I'm sure it taste good as well =]

The Sudden Cook said...

The thin crust experiment was very interesting I must say - wasn't sure if it would work out and when it came out so crispy - I was more than pleased - am sure to try it again. Thanks for stopping by guys.

noobcook said...

I love thin crust too! can taste more of the ingredients and not overly filling. and using pita bread is so convenient and yummy :)

Ann Jebaratnam said...

Saya mahu makan pizza ini la. Anda boleh buat Indian-themed version untuk kita punya get-together? :-)

The Sudden Cook said...

noobcook: Thin crust all the way!!
Ann: Boleh! Haha

Ms. Meanie said...

OOOh. I LOVE pita pizzas. Perfect for a quick weekday meal. These look fantastic. Love all that melty cheese.

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