Thursday, January 19, 2012

Indian Style Fish Curry

I love fish curry with bread.
So my sister lent me this awesome cookbook which I think she doesn’t realize is still with me. It’s part of the Periplus Mini Cookbooks and titled ‘Homestyle Indian Cooking’ authored by Devagi Sanmugam.

If like me, you’re still learning to make Indian dishes at home, this recipe book will come in handy. This is also the recipe book I referred too when making this for the first time.

Growing up, fish curry was not my favourite dish on the table. I felt like there were too many spices in the way of the curry. I found that I couldn’t enjoy the taste of the gravy without getting some sort of little yucky tasting spice into my mouth.  Not high on my list of recipes to try, I nonetheless tried out this fish curry recipe hoping it would be a winner. And it was!

What you need:
2 tablespoons oil
½ tsp mustard seeds
½ tsp fenugreek
100g (1 cup) peeled and sliced shallots
Small piece ginger, sliced
2 green chillies, cut in half lengthwise (Sometimes I omit these if I don’t have)
2 sprigs curry leaves
2 tablespoons coriander powder
1 tsp turmeric powder
1 tsp cumin powder
1 ½ tablespoons chili powder (We like it spicier, so I add 2 ½ tablespoons chili powder)
80g (1/3 cup) tamarind pulp mixed with 1 ½ cups (375ml) water, stirred and strained
200g ladies’ finger, cut into 5-cm lengths 
2 tomatoes quartered
500g tenggiri fish steaks sliced ½ inch thick
250ml (1 cup) thick coconut milk (This is too much coconut milk for me, so I just add about 100ml coconut milk or less and 150ml water)
1 tsp salt
Showing them ladies' fingers some love. I love LF in curries!
What to do:
1)  In a large saucepan, heat the oil and fry the mustard seeds and fenugreek until aromatic. 
2) Add the shallots, ginger, green chilies and curry leaves. Saute until the shallots turn light brown, about 3 to 4 minutes.
3)  Add the coriander, turmeric, cumin and chili powders and the tamarind water. Cook for further 5 minutes, stirring well.

4) Add the ladies’ fingers and tomatoes, boil for 3 minutes.

Then add fish slices. Boil until fish is cooked about 5 minutes.

5) Stir in the coconut milk (and water), return to the boil and simmer for approximately 1 minute. Season to taste, then serve.

To me, this is the best South Indian fish curry recipe I’ve tried thus far beating out the Claypot Fish Curry tried previously. Personally I like the ‘sourish’ taste in the fish curry which stems from the tamarind water, so I make sure I don’t stinge on the tamarind mixture.

Tamarind (asam jawa) is commonly available from supermarkets in the form of pulp which must be soaked in water, stirred, squeezed and strained to yield a sour liquid that adds intense flavour to a dish. All solids and pulp should be discarded from the liquid before use.
Source: Homestyle Indian Cooking by Devagi Sanmugam


noobcook said...

I think Indian fish curry is the best, love the spices and slight tanginess.

WyYv said...

Yum yum~ curry fish is one of our favourite :D

Zoe said...

This Indian style fish curry looks very delicious and good to know that it is not difficult to cook.

Amelia's De-ssert said...

Hi, your fish curry looks delicious. yum yum

The Sudden Cook said...

It really is yum yum. It's good to know I enjoy my own fish curry. At least when I feel like fish curry - I can whip it up on my own:)

Quay Po Cooks said...

When I eat fish curry, I love the vegetables inside the curry more than the fish. Your curry looks good.

tigerfish said...

Give me some steamed rice and I can finish all the fish curry!

lena said...

i enjoy eating fish curry a lot, not just indian style, i also love the nyonya style. I shall probably add in some fenugreek seeds for my next curry cooking at home.

Healthy Recipes said...

Indian food is famous in all over the world :) I am also the big fan of Indian food ! Your all Food Recipes are awesome :)

Alex Staff said...

My family and I love curry dishes, and this recipe looks like an absolute must-try! Fish curry is not only a delicious meal; it’s also full of nutrients. For example, fish contain omega-3 fatty acids that can help boost the body’s immune system and insulin sensitivity. Omega-3 can also aid in the prevention and reduction of macular degeneration, a type of blinding eye disease that usually appears in older people.

موسوعة الطبخ said...

thank you so much =)

shanthi d said...

My fav fish curry...I love ur blog post... Indian spices

Prasad Kumar said...

I have been following your blog for a long time and this is my first time commenting, I really love your recipes, especially Indian recipes. I tried a few and they are good. I will keep coming back to check out your newest recipes.

Michelle said...

I cooked this for friends yesterday and got many thumbs ups. I followed your recommendation and included 2 1/2 tbs of chili powder, but it wasn't spicy, and I usually can't take spicy food. Nevertheless a delicious recipe! Thanks.

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