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Easy to Make Mini Baked Cheesecake topped with Blueberries

Suitable: As a dessert dish

Pros: Can be made in advance and refrigerated, can also be kept in freezer

  • Take for a pot-luck
  • Bring them to the office party

Topping: Place fruits (preferably some berries) and icing sugar to complete the presentation

One of the easiest, tastiest and best recipes I discovered in 2012. I was surfing the web thinking of what to make for my sister’s Christmas party last year when I came across this recipe. I then made it for my own Christmas party and they were a hit. Once again, it’s from this website which I enjoy trying recipes from. I will reproduce the recipe here.

Mini Baked Cheesecake Recipe
Makes: 10

What you need:

150g Nice biscuits (website recommends Arnott’s brand)
70g butter, melted

250g cream cheese, softened (don’t use any form of Fat Free cream cheese, you won’t get the right results…at least I didn’t; use normal cream cheese)
75g caster sugar (1/3 cup)
1 large egg
20ml (1 tablespoon) lemon juice
100ml (5 tablespoons) thickened cream (I use ‘whipping cream’)

What to do:
Pre-heat oven to 180C

1) Line 10 holes of muffin pan (1/3 cup capacity holes) with patty/muffin cases. The website mentioned they use paper-lined foil cases that measure 8cm across the top and 5cm across the base.

2) Finely crush biscuits in a food processor or blender (I use a mortar and pestle). If you are using a food processor, the website recommends you add the melted butter to the biscuits crumbs and process until well-combined. If using a blender, tip the biscuit crumbs into a bowl and then stir in the butter.

3) Divide biscuit mixture evenly among cases (about one firmly packed tablespoon of biscuit mixture per case). Firmly press mixture down with the back of a teaspoon until smooth. Set bases aside while making the filling.

4) Beat cream cheese and caster sugar in an electric mixer or food processor. Stop the machine a couple of times to scrape down the sides and base of the bowl. When the mixture is completely smooth and creamy, add egg and beat until combined. Add lemon juice and cream and beat until well combined. Divide mixture evenly among the cases.

5) Bake cheesecake for 20 minutes. Remove from oven and allow to cool in pan for 30 minutes.

6) Remove cheesecakes from pan, place in an air-tight container and refrigerate.  Cheesecakes are ready to serve when they are cold and set. Remove cases before serving.

Cheesecakes can be stored in the refrigerator for up to three days. They are suitable to freeze.

My Presentation:
Blueberries + Icing Sugar
  • Just before serving arrange all mini cheesecakes (minus liners) on a plate
  • Top each mini cheesecake with 4-5 blueberries
  • Dust icing sugar over

*You may use any berries according to your preference.

I usually make these when I host parties. Reason being, it can be made the day before and all I need to do on that day is decorate them right before serving!

Don’t forget to remove them from the liners/cases before plating them
Don't use 'Fat Free Cream Cheese' as the top of the cheesecake will look weird (not enough fat content perhaps?)

I made these mini caramelized onions and tomato quiche and these mini cheesecakes last year and they were a hit at the Christmas party!

If you prefer a cheesecake recipe which you don't have to bake but rather can just chuck in the fridge until set, try this.

Gotta love cheesecake in whatever shape or form!


Amelia said...

Hi Sudden Cook, your mini cheesecake look awesome. Love the blueberries, it sure paired very well with cheese.

Have a wonderful week ahead,regards.

GK Arusuvai said...

It sounds so simple...urs looks lovely

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Oh, this look so yummy!

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